Technische Universität München, Germany

tum Wagner

Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner works a research associate at TUM Chair of Geodesy. Previously he did his bachelor studies in surveying & geoinformatics at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (2002–2006) and finished with a master degree in geodesy & geoinformatics at the Technical University in Munich (TUM) (2008–2010). The title of his Master's Thesis is “Detection of stress-induced rail track deformations with fiberoptical sensors”. Andreas Wagner has been working for engineering companies in Germany and abroad. His research interests and projects are now: applications of video total stations, online bridge monitoring with low-cost LED targets, fiber optical sensors, stakeout tasks in forestry science and modern arts.

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tum Reith

Christoph Reith

Christoph Reith studied Geodesy and Geoinformatics at the TU Munich since 2003 with specialization in engineering geodesy and GIS. In 2009 he finished his undergraduate studies with a diploma thesis about „Timeseries based analytics of structure deformations”. Afterwards he became a scientific associate at the TUM Chair of Geodesy. His work and research fields are precision measurements, deformation monitoring, alpine natural hazards, time series analysis and student & school projects.

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tum Wasmeier

Peter Wasmeier

Peter Wasmeier studied Geodesy in 1997 – 2002 with specialization in engineering geodesy, photogrammetry and remote sensing. He graduated about “Displacement measurements using imaging tacheometry”. At present he is head of the TUM Geodetic Laboratory. Research interests of Peter Wasmeier are calibration of high-level geodetic instruments, automated measurement systems (on-board programming), indoor monitoring systems for civil works and investigation of target recognition with video tacheometry. He is member of the IAG Working Group 4.2.3 - Application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Geodesy.

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tum Reiterer

Alexander Reiterer (External Advisor)

Alexander Reiterer studied Geodesy in 1994–2001 with specialization in engineering geodesy. He graduated about “A Knowledge-Based Decision System for an On-Line Videotheodolite-Based Multi-Sensor”. At present he is the head of the Research Group “Laser Scanning LSC” at Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques. Research interests of Alexander Reiterer are kinematic measurement systems, laser scanning systems and online data processing. He is head of the IAG Working Group 4.2.3 - Application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Geodesy.

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